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Tato sekce obsahuje Tomovy obchodnické články v angličtině. Většina z nich pochází z poloviny devadesátých let, kdy byl Tom aktivním dopisovatelem na několika začínajících zahraničních oborových internetových serverech a proslulého tištěného Futures Magazine.

Really mean it: Is this biz for you?

Those who dont master the art of successful timing or the equally essential art of money management, generally lose their money trading commodities. Moreover, it should be noted that this includes most speculators. Small speculators, who frequently enter the market with just a few grand in initial trading capital, tend to have the largest attrition rate.


You know, since I run this website and communicate with lots of my course students as well as other traders on a daily basis, its amazing to me how some folks seem to complicate this business. I have been trading for several years and do my best to keep it as simple as possible. I … Pokračování textu Amazing!

Be a Technician, Not a Fundamentalist

Basically there are two schools of price-forecasting methods in the commodity markets: fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Fundamentalists are oriented toward forecasting the market in terms of supply-and-demand factors. Technicians stress price behavior and the movement of such tech indicators as open interest, volume, moving averages. The fundamentalist says that the key to the direction … Pokračování textu Be a Technician, Not a Fundamentalist