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Tato sekce obsahuje Tomovy obchodnické články v angličtině. Většina z nich pochází z poloviny 90.let, kdy byl Tom aktivním dopisovatelem na několika amerických investičních serverech a v tištěných publikacích, včetně Futures Magazine.

Q&A On a Floor Broker

(Q) Just curious: a floor broker??? I have heard that term many times, not knowing exactly what specific work they are doing. Are they the guys in those funny-colored jackets I can watch them on CNBC? (A) Yep. A floor broker, aka pit broker, is a member of the respective exchange who has a business […]

Floor Brokers & Whipsaw Thingy

Greetings Friends! I have gotten questions by a few asking…*The more popular your course becomes and the more people using your strategies, wont this become too well known allowing floor traders to go after stops each night you send out a nightly Emails?* Wont the entry prices, exit prices and stops looses all grouped together […]

Good Intentions?

Just went thru archives lately, I encountered a post there (I believe someone quoting the Phantom) regarding intentions and trading. The overall takeaway was something close to *it is easier to make money if you are not being greedy and especially if you have good intentions to help others*. Again, I am paraphrasing here, and […]

Long Trading Related Ramble (8)

In the rambling I have written so far, I tried to impart some of the variables that I believe are essential to trading. The great majority of trading books and courses available today focus almost exclusively on indicators or entry strategies. Other areas of like money management (which I didnt discuss in this text, as […]

Long Trading Related Ramble (7)

I have always liked to tell everyone that the markets are pretty much like a mirror… reflecting back to us our inner states of being and our habitual pattern of behavior. All of your character traits will be manifested in your trading. If you are impulsive and lack patience, it will manifest in your trading […]

Long Trading Related Ramble (6)

As previously discussed, in the thought and behavior of market participants that ultimately determine price action, fear and greed are constantly at work, creating a volatile environment where extremes of emotions is the norm. In discussing this I focused on how crowd behavior effects price action, and how we can try to use technical indicators […]

Long Trading Related Ramble (5)

Support and resistance. As previously discussed, I strongly believe that a price chart is a graphical representation of human behavior and market sentiment. The many thousands of traders and investors that interact in a given market come together to create a *collwective conciousness*, if you will. This is evident at how the market *remembers* significant […]

Long Trading Related Ramble (4)

It is important to understand that human behavior drives the markets… and any indicators that you use should be used in this light. When some news or report hits the market, it is peoples perception of the significance of the move and their reactions that effectb prices. So if a report is bullish… a bullish […]

Long Trading Related Ramble (3)

A methodology needs to be chosen that fits with your personality and individual risk tolerance and level of aggresion. Also, capitalization needs to be considered. Obviously, someone with limited capital wouldnt have much of a chance for longer term outlooks, right? I would like to point out that it is more important to have a […]

Long Trading Related Ramble (2)

You mean you dont have an idea to the potential drawdown of your system method? Then you need to do some research, backtesting, and paper trading for at least several months to find out! You mean you dont even have a method or system? Then you need to do alot of reading, research, testing, experimenting, […]

Long Trading Related Ramble (1)

Greetings folks. I am currently trying to write a few things for my website. However, I cannot get inspired. Strangely enough, I have found I can only write and express myself effectively when teaching or addressing others. So now I will try my best to contribute something positive to your trading education, hopefuly highlighting some […]

Really Mean it. Is this Biz for You?

The question whether you should speculate or not deserves serious consideration on your part, for not everyone has the temperament to endure a high level of risk day after day. Futures trading is an extremely competitive undertaking characterized by opportunities for fast profits and equally fast losses. Because of the speed with which profits can […]

Keep Your Records!

Accurate record keeping is a must for commodity trader. Your broker will provide you with computerized statements of your trading activity, but it is absolutely necessary that you keep your own records as well. The reason being, you want to know for sure what open positions you have at all times. Your records will tell […]

On Retracement Lines

Tonights lesson is on the lines of retracement. This really is an easy one folks. The lines of retracement, the 61.8% the 50% and the 38.2% simply act as invisible barricades to price movement. Invisible of course till we draw them in. It is just soo cool to draw in those lines and then look […]

Let Your Profits Ride

No doubts you have heard this before. But I guess emphasizing this rule never hurts, what do you say? History tells us most traders have a tendency to take small profits when they occur. But this frequently results in demoralization as you take a small piece out of a roaring bull market and later have […]