Floor Brokers & Whipsaw Thingy

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Greetings Friends!

I have gotten questions by a few asking…*The more popular your course becomes and the more people using your strategies, wont this become too well known allowing floor traders to go after stops each night you send out a nightly Emails?*

Wont the entry prices, exit prices and stops looses all grouped together become a target?

Yes. Absolutely. Posilutely.

First off, remember the Emails are for PAPER trading purposes only. Secondly, it is imperative that each one of you trade like an individual.

Dont use my EXACT figures for entry, exit or stop loss. Stagger these figures suiting YOUR OWN trading style.

Theres no way i could type something like this…( Do place an order to
enter the market at 305 1/3, 305 1/4 305 3/4 304 3/4. Stop at 299.00 299
1/4 299 1/2) SEE WHAT I MEAN? Impossible. Its up to YOU to (dial in) the
movement of opening range.

To see what i wrote and adjust it to your own
style. I notice already that if I get TOO exact that the market chases
us. I try to be as vague as possible forcing you to think for yourselves
but when I do then I get bitched at for not being exact enough. But in
exactness comes the whipsawing of the markets just to scalp us. See the

Folks. I am just showing how its done. Its up to you to create your own
variations and applications of these strategies that work best for you.
Pretend your painting. I give you the bucket of paint and the brush. I
open the can and show you how to paint a door.

But not all doors are the
same. You cant paint a chair like youd paint a ceiling. You must adapt
to the task in a fashion that is right for you. Please…?

Weve all be lulled into darkness thinking a brokers job is to take
orders. Its not. A broker should help you learn, should keep you
informed while keeping an eye out for your best interest – which is
money. I went to a restaurant the other day and the waitress was like a
*usual* broker.

What ll you have?

Uh, lady could I have some silverware?

Maybe a clean fork? Yes, the coffee cup is empty. Its been like that a
while now. See the cobwebs? Hello? I used cream with the first cup.
Wouldnt you assume Id like some with this one?

No, Im not a big pain in the ass like that. Not usually anyway. But i
have this motto, this creed, this belief that I adopted when I was a
little kid and Ive kept it close to me still. I figure if you are gonna
do a job, then do it the best you can. If your not interested in doing
the best you can, then those you serve suffer, and at the same time
you are just wasting your life. If you dont like what you are doing then

This way yer improving your life by doing something you enjoy and
at the same time I dont have to come in contact with your bad attitude.

Love ya. (Maybe not so hot.)

Tom out