Opening the door

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Well I dunno… Perhaps it is a religious thing. I dont know. All I know is here before you lay the dream. The last chance for many, the beginning for others. For some it is the eleventh hour. The last grasp at the peace that comes with accomplishment.

Here before you is the vehicle that can take you for a ride into financial independence and all you have to do is be strong enough to endure the ride.

A fella called me a little while ago and asked me for the truth about commodity investing. I told him the truth. Commodity investing is no different than any other type of investing. Commodity investing takes less money, less time and returns are greater than any other investment vehicle I have ever seen.

For instance lets compare it to any other business. They require bunches of money to build from scratch or to purchase a franchise. They take up all your time. You have to deal with all kinds of overbearing laws and restrictions and be nice to people whom you dont like. You have to worry about merchandise and employees and theft and high rent and a ton of other things just to make a small sale that makes the difference between success or failure. Been there folks… A horrible high risk hassle.

But you have been turned on to commodities by someone, or at least bumped into this site by whatever chance. You have been shown the door and some of you opened it. But you have a serious problem that is keeping you from succeeding. You have taken this business to mind but not to heart. You think, for some reason that you have to trade a lot to make money. This in itself is killing you. Its killing your dream and your chances at success.

Lets look at real estate investing. Lets say you have a few bucks to invest in the real estate market. First of all youre not going to be able to buy your first investment without 30 to 90 thousand dollars. Thats a big investment. Are you willing to invest that much in commodities? Not, but if you were, your chances of being successful are sky high.

Why? Because youd be able to enter long term trades, withstand the draw downs, trade without stops (where the most money is lost) and just sit back until the trade comes in your financial favor. In addition youd be able to trade multiple contacts and this is where the real money is hidden.

And would you have a bank note in your hand for several thousand dollars and run out and buy the very first house you saw for sale? No way! Youd inspect the house. Do market research. Check for hidden damages that may cost you a bundle. Youve not only check out this property from roof to cellar but youd look at other houses as well. And in your search, you find a house that is underpriced and you know that if you pay some attention to it, you can make money on it. Why do people think that commodity investing is any different?

So please… dont you buy the first house you look at. Look around and pick the very best investment. You may not find it today. Or even tomorrow. But sit on your money until you do and then follow your heart.

Here before you is a neighborhood of houses for sale. Be patient. And less money you have to trade with, the harder it will be. Youll need a keen eye, fast reflexes and most importantly discipline and patience. Make these traits a part of your every trade. If you can do this, you are on your way.

See ya there.

Tom out