Good intentions, right?

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Just went thru archives lately, I encountered a post there (I believe someone quoting the Phantom) regarding intentions and trading. The overall takeaway was something close to *it is easier to make money if you are not being greedy and especially if you have good intentions to help others*. Again, I am paraphrasing here, and that was only what I took from it.

Overall I like the Phantoms work and know he is an incredible trader and individual. His intentions are definitely great, no doubt about it.

However, I totally disagree with the notion that intentions have anything to do with making money in this business. Taking an objective (and somewhat cold) stance, I must say that many kind hearted folks will never make a dime in this business. Conversely, many selfish, arrogant, and hardened individuals have done really well.

My personal belief is that good intentions are more important than being successful at trading. I view the struggling, good hearted trader that is kind in a much higher light than the rich, stuck-up, successful one.

But the point Im making is that the market doesnt care either way. Especially if you have a mechanical system and keep any negative personality traits out of it.

Just some food for thoughts…
Good trades,

Tom Repik