Why dont I do it

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Initially I thought I wouldnt, but I have to say this.

Cause its funny how many letters – most of them anonymous – I have received lately asking to reveal my personal track record.

Well, why wont I prove my performance?

Because I want nothing to do with those that measure success by the size of their wallet! Just witholding this piece of information to the public does a wonderful job of seperating the wheat from the chaff, I tell you.

Currently I have a waiting list from people interested in my (second) option-strategies program, which is about to come out in quite a time, say a half-year, maybe longer. These are people that can identify with what I say. People that are sincere in their quest for knowledge and a better way to approach the markets. People that understand the concept of taking responsibility for their own success, and not relying on „claims“ made by others. People that can care less about the size of an account, and care more about being exposed to that one idea, that one concept that may make a difference in their trading.

When I searched for mentors during my training, never did I demand an accounting of their performance. I knew that risking money on a course of instruction is no different than risking money on a trade. Either I realized a gain, or I did not. I would get general information about their approach and try to decide if it „vibed“ with me. If I could get but a few good ideas, it would have been worth it.

Why on earth will I want to brag about my monetary gains? This will attract the slime of the industry that lack faith, hope, and light. People whose lives are dominated by greed instead of the challenge of becoming a better person. Sure, they will pay thousands… but no price can compensate me dedicating MY TIME AND ENERGY to such people. No, Id rather publish my IDEAS and attract those that respond to me as a person. In exchange for a sincere persons leap in faith, I will gladly give my time and energy at an affordable price.

Come to think of it, I dont recall ever claiming to be successful, rich, or anything else. In the past I have publicly posted my analysis and trades. And shared a few thoughts. Thats it. Nothing more, nothing less. My course is for those that can identify with my writings and ideas. Now it is not my intention to have a „fulltime“ job as a vendor. I am a fulltime trader, and dont want that to change. I am perfectly happy to spend my personal time to train a select few, period. After all, my manuals will be „just another“ trading book, and I will have the satisfaction of adding something positive to the world of trading.

I dont claim to be G_ds gift to trading… not by a long shot! I have my strengths and weaknesses. My strengths is in identifying short term trades and relentlessly sticking to my game plan. I have winners, I have losers. Money management takes care of it.

Speaking of money management, in my course I demonstrate how „being right“ just 40 to 50% can make you alot of money. Consistantly trading like this, one stands to reap huge benefits during those times where you get on a hot streak and have 6 or 7 winers out of ten. For short term trading , risk management is everything. No need not go for a homerun.

Im not afraid to my admit that my personal greatest weakness is my ongoing struggle with what I call the „George Soros“ syndrome. This is when my ego takes over and I deviate from my game plan by trying to take on a large, long term position trade. Trying to go for a home run! Just last year, I recieved a thorough beating in the markets. I took large positions in the bonds, currencies, and indices. The result? 6 months worth of equity build up gone in less than 3 weeks. I still had a great year, but it was very difficult watching more than 50% of my existing equity at the time go up in smoke. I had to overcome the psychological fall out of such a loss. I felt like a had a ball of lead in my stomach for days. In my obsession of finally making a certain amount in a year ( I wont tell you, hehe), I gambled and broke the very rules that got me so close to my goal.

Trading is an ongoing course in self improvement. The learning never stops. I am constantly trying to improve. Yes, I still make mistakes and have to struggle with my ego, but the pain and fustrations that are a normal part of a carreer in trading can go a long way in becoming aware of your SELF.

So, back to where I started. Why dont I prove my performance? Because my trading performance does not reflect my experience in trading. A monetary figure can never convey confidence and guidence to a student. Will someone dominated by greed appreciate the personal time I give? The war stories, the encouragement, the occasional rebuke I give? I dont think so.

My manuals are always going to be very comprehensive, because I want to have a good product that is realistic. My courses are meant to serve as a foundation whereby the student can find their own way, personalize the methodology to fit their psychological make up. The methodology can be used on its own, or it can be easily integrated with an existing approach. Each trader will trade according to their strengths and weaknesses. No two traders will trade alike. Success cannot be guaranteed… it must be earned.

No, I wont reveal my track record. It wont accurately represent me as a trader. I experience success and failures in my trading. I make enough that its all I need to do to make a living. I have always been available to those I teach. I am on the computer during market hours and on the evenings. At the very least, my existing students know that I must make a living off of this, because I am almost always around… meaning that I dont have a „normal job“ outside the home. This is good enough for them. If its not, well, nobody is forcing them to spend time with me, right?

I believe in karma, you see. What comes around, goes around.I share my thoughts and my time mostly among my eager students… to give back that which has been given to me. I believe in karma, you see. What comes around, goes around. There have been several individuals that have taught me the realities of the market place, and strategies that are second to none. They took the time to patiently teach me… and gosh did they have patience with me! My mentors have made it possible for me to live a challenging and rewarding life as a trader… a field of endeavor that always has me pushing myself to the next level. I teach to try to do the same to others, and to reinforce my methods to myself. I teach to learn more about myself and get something positive and rewarding that no amount of money can yield.

Call me idealistic, but that is me. My brother calls it a weakness, I consider it a strength.

God bless you all.

Tom out