Not Sure? Stand Aside

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Many begining traders are tempted to trade or hold a position every day, and that may be a costly tendency very often.

Trades should be selected for definitive reasons, not because you presently dont have any activity in your trading account. Unless you can enter into a trade anticipating a potential profit several times the anticipated risk, you should not be in that trade.

Depending on market behavior and the number of commodities you follow, you may stay with a single position virtaully for weeks (months) or stay out of the market for weeks (months). With roughly fifty commodities to choose from, there WILL ALWAYS be an abundance of opportunities in the markets.

You must decide which ones you will take and which ones you will ignore. And when a trading opportunity appears, and you are reasonably sure you have a promising market situation, you then must act quickly. To fail to act when the moment is right will only result in unnecessary losses.