The fear to go back to trading

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Fear is a natural emotion that comes with trading.

Beginners often dont have any fear, because they dont know yet what the market can do to them. As we accumulate experiences of losing trades, our mind will remind us of the losses we took, as soon as we are ready to take the next trade … what IF something goes wrong again?

It takes a while to build back the confidence that was lost with a big whopper of a losing trade.

Paper trading is not much help, because it does not deal with these issues.

One way that I sometimes recommend is this: start out by taking a small in-and-out trade that doesnt last very long, even if it is only a tiny profit. Just to prove to yourself that you can move in and out of the market withoug getting creamed. (Pick a spot where the odds are greatly in your favor for this quick scalp).

Then slowly increase your trading scope.

This works for some, but it probably dont work for all traders. But such is life.

Good Luck,

Tom out